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I have a directory tree that includes a symlink to . (the current directory). When I attempt to iterate over this using an Ant FileSet, I get the following error:

Caught error while checking for symbolic links

The code that I am using to generate the scanner is:

FileSet files = new FileSet();
Project project = new Project();
project.setBasedir( dir );
files.setProject( project );
files.setDir( project.getBaseDir() );

files.getDirectoryScanner().setFollowSymlinks( false );

for( Iterator iter = files.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) {}
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You can set followsymlinks property of FileSet to false as documented here.

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You're setting the 'not-follow' in the wrong place. Use

files.setFollowSymlinks( false );

instead of

files.getDirectoryScanner().setFollowSymlinks( false );

The code you posted will set 'not-follow symlinks' only when scanning below the top-level directory of the fileset. Symlinks in the top-level directory will still be followed.

Its not clear from what you have posted precisely what's causing an IOException to be raised in the causesIllegalSymlinkLoop() method (that exception is being caught at line 1859). But if you set not-follow on the fileset rather than its internal directory scanner, the method will not be called at all.

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