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I'm kinda new to rails (3) and I stumbled upon a small... doorstep. Does the model automatically create the "errors" variable when the verification fails (for a lack of better term)? If so, is there a way to make it look neater somehow? Because the output can sometimes be like:

Username can't be less than 5 characters long

Username can't be blank

Username is ugly.

And I don't think that could look so much better.

P.S: The errors were from the top of my head, so they might not be too accurate.

(I'll keep you posted if I find something out. :)

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Sorry! There, I marked it as answered (a little later than you might have wished for). I'm new to stackoverflow. So, I'm still adjusting. :) –  destiel starship Jan 7 '11 at 10:26
all ritght, thx ;) –  apneadiving Jan 7 '11 at 20:58

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Just use the 'message' method

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_exclusion_of :subdomain, :in => %w(www us ca jp),
  :message => "Subdomain %{value} is reserved."

Have a look here : http://edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_validations_callbacks.html

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Okay, I'm just wondering if the same could be accomplished with: validates :subdomain, :uniqueness => true, :message => "Subdomain %{value} is reserved." –  destiel starship Jan 6 '11 at 22:21
you can create your own validators through methods, it's in the link as well. –  apneadiving Jan 6 '11 at 22:26
here: edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/… –  apneadiving Jan 6 '11 at 22:30
Ah, thanks a lot! :) –  destiel starship Jan 6 '11 at 22:31

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