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I need some help about a wierd problem.

I'm using jQueryTools and i'm very hapy with that but i think maskedinput plug in's $.mask() method conficts with jQueryTools's .mask() property. When I used both of them together console says "object doesnt have a method such as load()". If ı remove the masket input js from document everything is ok with overlays.


$("#Phone1, #Phone2, #Gsm").mask("(999) 999 9999");

jQueryTools .mas()

var dialogsOverlay = $(".dialogs").overlay({
    mask: {
        color: '#fff',
        loadSpeed: 200,
        opacity: 0.8
    closeOnClick: false,
    close: ".closeDialog"

Do you have any exprience somethink like that?


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Just rename the mask function in maskedinput to something else. I renamed it to maskMyI. You can basically just do a find and replace in maskedinput with your new name. Then use the new name when calling the function on your page.

$("#Phone1, #Phone2, #Gsm").mask("(999) 999 9999");


$("#Phone1, #Phone2, #Gsm").maskMyI("(999) 999 9999");

in my case. Use your own function name.

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