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I have two zip archives. Say, set1 has 10 csv files created using Mac OS X 10.5.8 compress option, and set2 has 4 csv files similarly created. I want to take the 4 files from zipped archive set2 and add them to list of files in archive set1. Is there a way I can do that?

I tried the following in Terminal:

zip set1.zip set2.zip

This adds the whole archive set2.zip to set1.zip, i.e., in set1.zip now I have:

file1.csv, file2.csv,..., file10.csv, set2.zip

What I instead want is:

file1.csv, file2.csv,..., file10.csv, file11.csv, ..., file14.csv

where, set2.zip is the archive containing file11.csv, ..., file14.csv.


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unzip set2.zip -d .tmpdir; cd .tmpdir; zip ../set1.zip *; cd ..; rm -r .tmpdir;
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I don't know of a built-in OS X tool, but there's a zipmerge utility as part of the libzip package (hg repository available).

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This script here should do it.


#Example: ./zipjoin.sh merge_into.zip merge_from.zip
mkdir .tmp
unzip $2 -d .tmp
zip $1 .tmp/*
rm -r .tmp

Hope that helps!

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