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We have a projector application (.exe) compiled from AS3. How can we start another (external) executable from the projector?

This is the code...it does nothing visible.

//Play ACQ Demo
Acq.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickAcq);
function clickAcq(event:MouseEvent):void {
                trace("ACQ clicked");
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The documentation says the program you want to execute should be in an 'fscommand' folder that is next to the projector exe. (You can put a bat file there to start other programs)


Edit: If you want more advanced options you can try a third party tool like http://www.northcode.com/

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2009. Before permalinks. oh no wait, Adobe still doesn't have permalinks. Hence this one is broken. –  Yar Apr 21 '10 at 13:42

This free utility http://www.northcode.com/blog.php/2007/08/07/Conquering-FSCommand-EXEC-Part-1-Proxy lets you work around some of the limitations of the EXEC fscommand in Flash.

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