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I'm looking for some suggestions on how best to do this.

We have a third party application which exposes reports through a URL. When the URL is hit it creates a simple excel 2007 file containing the data.

I need to bring this into a SQL 2008 database server. This isn't a one time thing and has to be scheduled to run once a day.

What is the best way to go about hooking the two up?

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I'd go for an SSIS package to do the download and the import and schedule it as a SQL Agent Job.

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I'd write a .net program to download the excel document from the URL. Open it and process its contents to a DataTable applying whatever validation it requires at this point then push it into the database using sqlbulkcopy and either emailing an admin or writing to the event log if its well monitored on any failures.

Then schedule it up to run daily on your server.

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