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I am trying to use the validation plugin for JQuery to validate a form, but I want it to not only show an error message, but also change the css for the td above it. I currently have

function myErrorHandle(element) {
    errorPlacement: myErrorHandle,
    rules: {
        field7014601: {
            required: true

Where fsForm691575 is my form and field7014601 is just a name field. I just sort of hacked the myErrorHandle function together from another suggestion I found, so if I can do away with that but still get the desired effect, that would be nice.


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show us your html code – Diablo Jan 6 '11 at 23:28
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I can't cater an answer specific to your case (no HTML), but I can show you how to change the default "highlight" action of validate.

For example, given the following HTML:

<form action="#">
        <input id='firstname' name='firstname' class='required' />
        <input id='lastname' name='lastname' class='required' />
  <input type="submit" value="submit" />

You could configure validate to color the parent tr red:

  errorClass: "error",
  highlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {
  unhighlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {


If you need even more granular control over what happens when you show errors, check out the showErrors option.

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