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How can i create iphone like tabs layout in a blackberry java application for all types of blackberry devices(scrollpad/touch screen). Are there any alternatives to achieve that effect? could you please suggest me in that way?


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Hi I had to create tabs in blackberry so for this this i tried a custom way which fulfilled my requirement.May be u can use and customize this idea.

1) create a method addTab() in a class and place say 5 bitmap fields(components) in that. 2) place these components in an horizontal field manager 3) addTab() method must return this manager. 4) create a method result() in that class that must be called whenever the components(Bitmap fields) are clicked.

Now in your main class wherever you want to display the tabs: 1) create object for that class and do


or u can do :


depending upon your requirement

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Maybe this BlackBerry Forum thread can help:
How to use Tabs at bottom of the screen?

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