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I'm learning iphone dev, and also want a solid handle at desktop development for the mac.

What do you guys recommend?

Language wise, is objective-c all I need?

Is desktop development locked down at all, or are you free to do anything once it is installed?

Does each app run in its own space as to not effect other desktop apps?

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good question, and the answer was good in 2011. but are there any newer books, now, in 2014? –  Michael Feb 17 '14 at 16:19

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  1. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is generally regarded as "the bible" of desktop Cocoa development.
  2. Objective-C is all you need, for the most part. Very rarely will you need a more domain-specific language. There are more options (MacRuby, PyObjC, Java, REALbasic, etc), but it's extremely common to do everything in Objective-C.
  3. Any "lockdown" on the desktop would be defined by the app store approval process and the permissions you can acquire from the user.
  4. Apps are not sandboxed on the Mac.
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"4. Apps are not sandboxed on the Mac."

Yes it is now.

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