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In my richCalendar.jsp page, first time i click the showCurrentMonth button and display the current month using rich:calendar.
i select some other month
i click SelectedMonth button. I show the selected month name.

My problem is : I go to any other page. then i come visit the richCalendar.jsp and again click showCurrentMonth button, this time the rich:calendar show the already selected month instead of current month .
Each time, i want to show current month when i click showCurrentMonth.

Otherwise simple, once i click showCurrentMonth button, then i selecte some other month, then i click showCurrentMonth button, i want to show current month name.


 <h:form id="calendarForm" binding="#{CalenderBean.initForm}">               
        <a4j:outputPanel id="calendarOutputPanel">              
                 <a4j:commandButton value="showCurrentMonth" 

               <h:panelGrid id="monthlyPanelGridId" rendered="#{CalenderBean.monthlyCalendarRendered}" >
                   <rich:calendar boundaryDatesMode="scroll"


               <h:panelGrid id = "SearchButtonGrid">
                  <a4j:commandButton id="SelectedMonth" 

                     <h:outputText value="#{CalenderBean.selectedMonthName}" />


import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.Date;        
import javax.faces.component.html.HtmlForm;

public class CalenderBean {

private HtmlForm initForm;    
private boolean monthlyCalendarRendered;
private Date selectedMonth;
private String selectedMonthName;

public CalenderBean()

public String showCurrentMonthAction()
    monthlyCalendarRendered = true;

    Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
    int startingDate = calendar.getActualMinimum(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);
    calendar.set(Calendar.DATE, startingDate);
    selectedMonth = calendar.getTime();       

    return "";

public String selectedMonthButtonAction()
    selectedMonthName = selectedMonth.toString();
    return "";

public HtmlForm getInitForm()
    selectedMonth = null;
    monthlyCalendarRendered = false;  

    return initForm;

public void setInitForm(HtmlForm initForm){
    this.initForm = initForm;

public boolean isMonthlyCalendarRendered(){
    return monthlyCalendarRendered;

public void setMonthlyCalendarRendered(boolean monthlyCalendarRendered){
    this.monthlyCalendarRendered = monthlyCalendarRendered;

public Date getSelectedMonth(){
    return selectedMonth;

public void setSelectedMonth(Date selectedMonth){
    this.selectedMonth = selectedMonth;

public String getSelectedMonthName(){
    return selectedMonthName;

public void setSelectedMonthName(String selectedMonthName){
    this.selectedMonthName = selectedMonthName;

First time i visit this page perfectly show the current month. Then i go to any othe page and then come to see this page, click showCurrentMonth button not show the current month.

Help me. Thanks in advance.

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Try removing popup = "false" from your calendar control. It will work as you want.

Don't know the reason for this weird behavior but I guess there is some rendering issue.

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