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I want to insert the data from a table "Main" with columns Last, First, Zip, and an e-mail address. If there is an e-mail address, for example, I need to insert the person as a user, with a generated username and password, if not, I'll be adding it as a person. What's the simplest way with VS 2010(preferably C#)/SQL Server 2008? Also, I need a method to save the username/password combinations to a local folder. Thanks!

Sorry for not being clear, I understand the manipulating data walkthrough, but my question is actually more along these lines: I have Joe Brown, with an e-mail address and zip code data, but I have about 10000 of these. I have them in a table, MAIN", within ExampleDB, and ExampleDB has many tables, such as PersonName, PersonAddress, PersonEmail, etc. I want to be able to insert the data from the OldDB into ExampleDB, doing a foreach on each row. So table MAIN has many columns, and I need to take the data and insert it into the other table structure. Thanks!

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Simplest way to? Insert into a table or something else? I don't understand what you are asking. – jzd Jan 7 '11 at 2:55
Are you using it or are other users as well? – Conrad Frix Jan 7 '11 at 2:58

I've got a link for you to an MSDN walkthrough on using the Linq 2 SQL API to modify data in a database.

I recommend you run through the walkthrough and you should have a better set of questions to come search Stack overflow with.

MSDN Walkthrough: Manipulating Data

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