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I'd like to show some icons on hovering my mouse over the div - otherwise they should be hidden from view.

Can this be done using pure CSS? Or do I need some javascript?




<div id="text_entry">
    <p>Some text here</p>
    <span class="operations">
        <a class="delete" href="">Delete</a> | <a class="edit" href="">Edit</a>


    background: url('images/edit_icon.png') no-repeat;

    background: url('images/edit_icon.png') no-repeat;

    display: none;
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#text_entry .operations       { visibility:hidden }
#text_entry:hover .operations { visibility:visible }

Note that you might want to add a CSS class to your div and use that for the selector instead.

Alternatively, if you want the span to be completely removed:

#text_entry .operations       { display:none }
#text_entry:hover .operations { display:inline }
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perfect - thanks!! –  Simon Jan 7 '11 at 4:17

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