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is there a way to catch the soft memory limit warning in google ? I am not referring to the Memory Exceeded Error of 300 MB but the warning message which appears when you cross 180 MB memory limit.

01-06 07:11PM 08.597
Exceeded soft memory limit with 247.434 MB after servicing 1 requests total

I want to catch this warning when it shows up in my code and start deleting some memory

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I'm pretty sure the message is generated after your code stops running, and the instance is recycled after it's generated so you can't do anything to it. But I could be wrong. –  Wooble Jan 7 '11 at 4:19

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No exception is thrown in your code when this happens - it's logged by the runtime after your request finishes executing, so there's no way to 'catch' it.

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Is this helpful? ckick me I can't think of nor could I find anything else, short of adding code to every object allocation through a function object that keeps track of total allocated. This might help you with registering the size of each object.

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