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I have msysgit version on windows 7 and my console windows has light background with dark text when I open a file in vim (the vim included in msysgit) I get cursorline highlight in dark color so I can't really see my text

for my own installation of gvim I use github256 color scheme but that has no effect in console.

I have looked at /share/vim/vimrc to see what's set there. I changed cursorline to 'set nocursorline' and 'set background=light' but it has no effect. How do I style my vim in msysgit? How do I get rid of this dark cursorline thanks

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You can explicitly set the syntax coloration by specifying something like the following:

hi CursorLine guibg=#ffffff guifg=#000000 gui=NONE ctermbg=white ctermfg=black cterm=NONE term=reverse

You can include the above line your '~/.vimrc'. However, in the ideal case, setting the CursorLine highlight should be done in by the color scheme file being sourced by '~/.vimrc'. Most (well-written) color schemes should define a suitable CursorLine highlight as a matter of course. I would suggest using something like Pyte or my own MayanSmoke.

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Thanks for pointing me to look at colors/schemename.vim files. I set hi CursorLine ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=yellow cterm=NONE This fixes the line. I will dig into updating my github256.vim colors I also suspect the msysgit is not 256 color enabled. not sure about that one. – rubytester Jan 7 '11 at 14:26

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