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I haven't dabbled in iOS private frameworks until now, when I randomly wanted to make an app which could lock & unlock the device..

An iOS hacker friend of mine pointed me to GraphicsServices.framework and GSEvent.h - there I found GSEventLockDevice(), which locks the iOS device -> I can't seem to find any other similar function to unlock the device, other than potentially simulating a lock button press and then simulating the touch drag on the "Slide to unlock" bar.

Does anybody know of a non-touch-simulation method to unlock the device - or - can anyone point me in the right direction at all?

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Check out rpetrichs' private framework headers: https://github.com/rpetrich/iphoneheaders/

I believe in SpringBoard/SBUIController.h there's a lock method, hope that helps ;)

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If you have any experience in IDA you could look at the actual implementation of the "Slide to Unlock" button: that will give you the answer for sure.

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