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I have the following java code:

nameFinderModel = NameFinderME.train("en", "organization",
        sampleStream, Collections.<String, Object>emptyMap());

And my conversion is as follows:

nameFinderModel = NameFinderME.train("en", "organization", sample_stream, {})

Is this an adequate conversion or am I missing something? Are there any general guidelines for converting generics to JRuby?

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This is a correct conversion. Just remember that Java erases generics at compile time. To quote the documentation:

If a Java class is defined with Java generics, the types are erased during compilation for backwards compatibility. As a result. JRuby will have problems with automatic type conversion. For example, if you have a Map<String,String>, it will be seen as a simple Map, and JRuby will not be able to determine the correct types using reflection.

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