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I came across

1) I am currently migrating Java Calendar to joda-time. I was wondering, should I use threeten instead of joda-time? Is threeten production ready?

2) Can threeten library and joda-time libraries exist together in a same application? As I am using some 3rd parties libraries, which is using joda-time library too.

3) Will joda-time become an abandon project since there is threeten?

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Official reply:

As of January 2011, ThreeTen is still what I'd classify as an Alpha. That means that I am changing method names, classes appear and disappear etc. That said, the code that is there is basically sound and tells the right time.

As such, I currently advise projects to use Joda-Time until ThreeTen enters Beta, which will be this year (2011) at some point.

It is possible to have both Joda-Time and ThreeTen in the same application. When ThreeTen is stable I intend to add the interfaces from ThreeTen to Joda-Time providing interoperability. However, interoperability will never be easy as the classes have the same names.

Joda-Time will continue to be released for a good period after ThreeTen is complete. But there will be a push to move to ThreeTen if JSR-310 completes such that it is in Java SE 8.

Update, March 2014,

As of 2014-03-05, JSR-310 was approved for inclusion in Java JDK 8. For more information, see the ThreeTen home page.

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thanks and glad you replied. +1 for honest comment. – Nishant Jan 11 '11 at 12:36
@JodaStephen, Can you update your answer for 2013? – chotchki Jun 11 '13 at 21:37
See… for a January 2013 update – Philip Helger Sep 2 '13 at 15:44
How is it now? Would you consider ThreeTen as production-ready? – dajood Mar 4 '14 at 9:57

This is just a suggestion what I would do.

Since Joda-time is heavily tested by lots of users and they still recommend it, that means it's a good library. JSR-310 -- I haven't seen this before this post of yours. Also, I am not sure how many people are using it -- or if it's completely bug free. May be it solves the Joda-time issues mentioned in the link that you have posted, but what guarantees that it is not having a newer bug.

That said, I will wait for JSR-310 to mature and be popular. And probably use in some of the non-critical projects. And, probably, eventually accept it as the blogger says, "(JSR-310 is) an API 'inspired by Joda-Time'" . In the mean time, I will use Joda-time.

Looking around the stuffs regarding it, I found this:

It quotes:

The ThreeTen project is still in Alpha so methods may appear and disappear at any point. (Status - December 2010)


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The main concern about Joda-Time is doesn't support Um Qura Calendar , it's support Kuwaiti Calendar

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