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<%= link_to_remote "See more", :url => { :action => "aajax_activity", :page_current => (@page_current.to_i + 1), :user_id=>@sampleuser_profile.id }, :update => "sbottom_activity_#{@page_current.to_s}", :position => :before %>

while converting this link_to_remote to link_to in rails 3 not working

<%= link_to  "See more" , :url => { :action => "aajax_activity", :page_current => (@page_current.to_i + 1), :user_id=>@sampleuser_profile.id }, :update => "sbottom_activity_#{@page_current.to_s}", :position => :before ,:remote=>true %>

any idea ?

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How does it not work? Do you get any errors etc.? –  Heikki Jan 7 '11 at 11:28

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The reason seems to be a missing jQuery Library. In Rails 3 this can occur if jquery_ujs.js (the unobtrusive scripting adapter for jQuery) is missing. Add it to the default Javascript files in config/application.rb, for example by

  config.action_view.javascript_expansions[:defaults] = %w(jquery jquery_ujs)

or in your layout.rb

javascript_include_tag :defaults, "jquery_ujs.js"
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me too having same issue. I updated the rails.js file and now its working perfectly. http://github.com/rails/jquery-ujs/blob/master/src/rails.js

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The following link should work

<%= link_to  "See more" , :url => { :action => "aajax_activity", :user_id=>@sampleuser_profile.id },:remote=>true, :method => :post %>

To update the data you have to write the javascript code in the file aajax_activity.js.erb

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