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If a Cocoa application needs to terminate another process (which it did not spawn) what APIs can be used to do this on 10.5 OS X ? Please note that process ID of the process to be terminated will not be known inside the Cocoa application. The process which needs to be terminated is also a Cocoa process.

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If process ID is not known, is the process name known? – Neilvert Noval Jan 7 '11 at 6:17

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You have to retrieve process Id before killing it. To kill a process, just send signal SIGABT, SIGTERM or SIGKILL to it.

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NSRunningApplication* app = [NSRunningApplication runningApplicationWithProcessIdentifier:pid];
[app terminate]; // ask the target to terminate self
[app forceTerminate]; // the target will not save the data
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Iirc, NSWorkspace will only return processes owned by the user itself, however, there are of course many different ways to take care of this:

1.) Document by Appple, QA1123

2.) AGProcess from AGKit

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Use NSWorkspace or Process Manager to find the process and obtain its PID, then use kill like usual.

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