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I m new to JSP and Servlet. I m developing an application where user can prepare questionnaire. I have a page where user enters questionnaire details like name, desc and type. These details are inserted in database and a questionnarieId is generated. What I want is user should be send to draftQuestionnaire page with the newly generated questionnaireId. Something like this:- response.sendRedirect("draftQuestionnaire.jsp?questionnaireId="+questionnaireId);

I have a page draftQuestionnaire.jsp and I m storing questionnaireId in session varialbe.

I dont know how to tell questionnaire.jsp to include questionnaireId.

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do You want to say that you are not able to get ID of newly added record? –  Harry Joy Jan 7 '11 at 6:20
I got the Id by getGeneratedKeys but redirection throws a 404 where I know I m missing something to be added in draftQuestionnaire.jsp –  TestUser Jan 7 '11 at 6:24
can i have a snapshot of draftQuestionnaire.jsp code? –  Harry Joy Jan 7 '11 at 6:26

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You haven't clarified what does questionnaire.jsp do! Anyway, I assume that questionnaire.jsp is the form which your user fills, and you have another JSP questionnaire_action.jsp which is the place where you get form values once your user submits it.

So in questionnaire_action.jsp you can retreive all form values that your user submitted, and save them to database using JDBC. Once your values are saved, you can get the auto-generated questionnaireId using the getGeneratedKey() method of JDBC's Statement interface. Once you have the questionnairId, you can simply use the sendRedirect() method as you mentioned:


Note that we are not doing post-submit form processing in questionnaire.jsp but in questionnair_action.jsp. Hope it helps.

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