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I work on windows form application in C#(ver 4.0)

I want to copy a CheckedListBox, but not as reference. I want that every change in the CheckedListBox should not effect my object, just assign once, then no reference.

Following is my code:

public struct SmartFilter
    public int from, to;
    public CheckedListBox cmb;            

var temp = new SmartFilter();
    temp.from = Convert.ToInt32(cbNumber2From.SelectedItem);
    temp.to = Convert.ToInt32(cbNumber2To.SelectedItem);

    temp.cmb = cbNumbers2;

when I get to the last line

temp.cmb = cbNumbers2;

I want to save a copy in temp.cmb (CheckedListBox) , but after that every change in the window effects my object.

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You can't, basically - CheckedListBox isn't cloneable.

How would you expect it to operate? It's an on-screen control... would you expect the clone to just have no parent window, and not be on-screen? How much of the state of the CheckedListBox are you interested in? Maybe you should be copying just that aspect instead of the whole CheckedListBox.

As a side-note, mutable structs are almost always a bad idea, as are public fields.

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i want to save only the data in this checkedlistbox, so i will save only the data in different fields , thanks –  Haim Evgi Jan 7 '11 at 7:25
@Haim: Right. That makes a lot more sense. It's generally a bad idea to take a dependency on a UI component if you're only interested in the data within it. –  Jon Skeet Jan 7 '11 at 7:31

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