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Possible to parse a HTML document and build a DOM tree(java)

Hi, We use to parse the xml using DOM, SAX or JDOM. Is there any way to parse the HTML file.

ex. : main_file.html

< div class="Main_Class" id = "main_id" style="width="100%;height="100%">

  < div class="sub_class" **id = "sub_id_one"** style="width="50%;height="100%"> </div>
  < div class="sub_class" **id = "sub_id_two"** style="width="50%;height="100%"> </div> 

< /div


< div style="position: relative; float: left; width: 24%; height: 100%;>
< input type="button" class="button" value="4"/>
< /div

I want to parse the main file, get the sub_id and then append the the file_two.html on the basis of relativ id.

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I would recommend you to use the HTML Cleaner:


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