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Guys i have table which has column st_date containing dates with datatype number and the values would be like this 20101201 i.e (01-DEC-2010) .

if i write a select query using between clause for the dates lying between the bounds , my question is whether to use between or less or greater than operator, which is performance efficient.

 select id, sum(duration), sum(hit_count) 
 from A 
 where st_date between 20101101 AND 20101130 
 group by id

The table has millions of records partitioned by st_date.Is above one better than or the below one.

 select id, sum(duration), sum(hit_count) 
 from A 
 where st_date >= 20101101 AND st_date < 20101130 
 group by id

kindly let me know your answers.

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The second one is more performant because it selects less data :)

Internally, between is rewritten as >= and <=. You can see it in the predicate information part of the execution plan.

explain plan for select * from t1 where n between 100 and 200;

Predicate Information (identified by operation id):

   1 - filter("N">=100 AND "N"<=200)

Also, while we are at it:

Don't store dates as numbers.

Oracle knows that the difference between date '2010-12-31' and date '2011-01-01' is 1 day. Oracle also knows that there the difference between 20101231 and 20110101 is 8870.

Think about what that does to cardinality estimates.

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BETWEEN is Inclusive. that means >= lower AND <= upper.

So your examples are not quite the same. Assuming you fix, then they will generate the same query plan.

Use of BETWEEN is somewhat clearer.

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yes i will fix the upper bound. thanks –  Dead Programmer Jan 7 '11 at 8:32

As Mitch Wheat stated in his answer, after having fixed the 3rd line of your second query as

where st_date >= 20101101 AND st_date <= 20101130 

then your two queries will generate the same results. There won't be any differences in terms of completion time either.

I personally use BETWEEN whenever I need to define time/date intervals.

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