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I want to access selected value of GridViewDataComboBoxColumn in server side at GridViewUpdated event. Do you have any idea about how can it be?

Here is columns of AspxGridView

    <dx:GridViewDataComboBoxColumn Name="Sprint_id" Caption="Sprint" FieldName="refSprint_id" VisibleIndex="8">
        <PropertiesComboBox ValueType="System.Int32" DataSourceID="sdsSprintler" TextField="adi" ValueField="sprint_id">

Combo can fill but i couldnt access the selected item in GridView updated event



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Try this:

object cat1 = ((ASPxComboBox)grid.FindEditRowCellTemplateControl(
   grid.Columns["Sprint_id"] as GridViewDataComboBoxColumn, "Cat1")).Value;

More info here:



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