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IE leaks keyboard events across frames, which causes a security concern. The only recommendation I have found against this is to check if the content in the iframe is the topmost window, otherwise make it the topmost window.


Does anyone know of a better workaround?

Here is a link to the Public Advisory against the issue, it is quite old... http://labs.idefense.com/intelligence/vulnerabilities/display.php?id=77

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A more reliable approach to preventing your site from being framed is to use the X-Frame-Options header. The link discusses clickjacking, but the countermeasure also applies to your question because the attack would require a malicious web site to frame your own site in order to start sniffing key events. (The link also points back to a coding horror article that describes the difficulties of JavaScript-based frame busting approaches.)

Here's some more background on frame busting. It includes a JavaScript-based technique, but prefers the X-Frame-Options method.

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