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Is there any API for reading all emails from feedburner subscribers. I want to check remotely using an API without downloading CSV file. ( or if any other way )

Thank You.


I am reading email from CSV file and i am sending emails to all verified emails everyday after downloading the CSV file from feedburner. So new users has to wait until i download a newly updated CSV and again run my php script to send emails. So it getting delay.

So how can i check emails without downloading CSV file from feedburner and send a email instantly.

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No, the only APIs available are:

  • the FeedFlare API, and
  • the Awareness API.

Neither allow you to query your subscriber list.

Maybe you can try to automate the procedure of downloading the CSV. Possibly with something like Selenium?

Then you could download it at regular intervals.

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No feedburner is not providing such type of API.

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