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I am using smart gwt2.2 on windows system, with browser Mozilla. In smart gwt I am using a ListGrid.And in that ListGrid for one field I have set the editor type to Select Item.

SelectItem item = new SelectItem(); ListGridField field = new ListGridField("Field", "Field"); field.setEditorType(item);

My problem is that is I set the simple string value map to the Select Item then it works fine, But while same list coming from server side and I try to set then it is giving this error,

Uncaught JavaScript exception [this.formItem is undefined] in, line 1831

I am not getting at which place I am doing wrong.

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Try giving the same field name to both SelectItem and ListGridField

 SelectItem item = new SelectItem("fieldName");
 ListGridField field = new ListGridField("fieldName", "title");
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I did the same but it is not working. –  Sanjay Jain Jan 7 '11 at 12:52
check if the DataSource "fieldName" also matches with the ListGridField "fieldName" –  aruns Jan 13 '11 at 8:18

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