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I have a grid constructed with jqGrid, that uses the search toolbar, a custom formatter to insert radio boxes and a loadComplete handler. Everything works fine in FF but when I go to IE8 (shame!!!) the screen would freeze with the data loaded and the Loading... box on the screen. I can do nothing on the screen.

Here is my code:

function loadCompleteHandler(){
 jQuery("#listTable").jqGrid('setGridHeight', Math.min(300,parseInt(jQuery(".ui-jqgrid-btable").css('height'))));

 function radio(value, options, rowObject){
  var radio = '<input type="radio" value=' + value + ' name="radioid" ondblclick="inDetail();"/>';
  return radio;

 function statusSelect(){
  #set($select = ":$l10n.lbl_123")
  #foreach($se in $status_list) 
   #set($select = $select + ";$se.getValue():$se.getValue()") 
  return "$select";

     url: '$content.getURI("/servlet/ajax/MyServlet.json")' + '?loggedUserId=$loggedUserId&pageNo=0&locale=' + '$l10n.getLocale().toString()',
     datatype: 'json',
     mtype: 'POST',
     colNames:['','$l10n.lbl_copy','$l10n.lbl_476','$l10n.lbl_380', '$l10n.lbl_2547<br/>$l10n.lbl_3768','$l10n.lbl_owner','$l10n.lbl_256 $l10n.lbl_92','$l10n.lbl_1558<br>$l10n.lbl_185','$l10n.lbl_348'],
     colModel :[ 
        {name:'column1', index:'column1', width:'3%', search:false, align:'center', formatter: radio, editable:false, sortable: false, resizable:false},
        {name:'column2', index:'column2', width:'6%', search:false, align:'center', formatter:'checkbox', sortable: false, resizable:false}, 
        {name:'column3', index:'column3', width:'12%', sortable: false, stype:'select', editoptions:{value: statusSelect()}, resizable:false}, 
        {name:'column4', index:'column4', width:'17%', search:false, sortable: false, resizable:false}, 
        {name:'column5', index:'column5', width:'10%', search:false, sortable: false, resizable:false}, 
        {name:'column6', index:'column6', width:'13%', sortable: false, resizable:false}, 
        {name:'column7', index:'column7', width:'13%', sortable: false, resizable:false},
     {name:'column8', index:'column8', width:'12%', sortable: false, resizable:false},
     {name:'column9', index:'column9', width:'14%', sortable: false, resizable:false}
  height: 300,
  pager: '#pagerDiv',
  gridview: true,
  rowTotal: 500,
     sortorder: 'desc',
     viewrecords: true,
  loadComplete: loadCompleteHandler

       stringResult: true, 
       searchOnEnter: false, 
       defaultSearch:'cn'}); /* search strategy meaning: contains */

I am using Velocity, jQuery 1.4.2. IE gives an invalid argument error in the jQuery library at this line:

 if ( set ) {
   style[ name ] = value;

Maybe the problem is with jQuery in IE8, I don't know....

EDIT : more specific data added

I am using jqGrid 3.8.2. The statusSelect after Velocity has processed it looks like this:

function statusSelect(){
     return ":All;status1:status1;status2:status2";

I think there is no problem with the JSON data transfer since the grid previously worked in IE8 when there was no setGridHeight, loadComplete handler. I have also done some minor modifications which I can only partially recount (i.e. column resize disabled). For testing purposes here is a JSON object:

    "rows":[{"id":150,"cell":[150,false,"status1","columnData4","columndata5","columndata6","columndata7","Test1\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cspan style\u003d\u0027float:right;\u0027\u003e10.12.2010\u003c/span\u003e","columnData"]},
      {"id":157,"cell":[157,false,"status2","columnData41","columndata51","columnData61","columnData71","Test2\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cspan style\u003d\u0027float:right;\u0027\u003e22.12.2010\u003c/span\u003e","columnData"]}],

I don't know how to use the total parameter, so I just declared an arbitrary value (50D). The inDetail function just submits the form (I am using Apache Turbine parameter here):

    function inDetail(){
        document.forms['myForm'].eventSubmit_doAction.value = 'doSomeAction';
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Could you post how the function statusSelect looks like on the client side (after all #...)? Test JSON data could be also helpful to reproduce your problem. Which version of jqGrid you use? If you don't use a complex HTML code you could post it also. – Oleg Jan 7 '11 at 11:58
Could you also post the code of inDetail function. The best is the full code which can be used to reproduce the problem. If you post JSON data, then one could reproduce the problem without having the server code. – Oleg Jan 7 '11 at 12:07
I have added everything you've asked for. Hope this helps! – Atticus Jan 7 '11 at 12:27
OK I will try to reproduce your problem. One more question: are you suer that you have comma before the last '}' in the JSON data: "total":50.0,} is a wrong JSON. – Oleg Jan 7 '11 at 12:35
No comma. It probably appeared during the copy/paste. I corrected it. Thanks! – Atticus Jan 7 '11 at 12:38
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I could not reproduce the problem which you describe. How you can see here the grid can be loaded without any problem in IE. It looks not fine because of missing CSSs, but all works in general. So I suppose you have problem in the code which you not publish here. I recommend you to verify your HTML page in, your test JSON results in and JavaScript code in

I would only not recommend you to use radio variable inside of the function with the same name radio. Better to choose another name. It is better also to add 10 as the second parameter of the parseInt function. In my tests your original code worked also without the corresponding code changes.

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AFAIK the jqGrid should work with the jquery.jqGrid.min.js included. There is no need to include the javascripts from the src directory. If I comment the lines 15 through 23 (scripts from the src dicr) in your published example and uncomment line 25 the same problem appears. – Atticus Jan 7 '11 at 13:53
@Atticus: In my environment the grid work without any problem also with compressed version of jqGrid (see Verify which modules you can missing in your version of jquery.jqGrid.min.js (see… for details) – Oleg Jan 7 '11 at 14:05
@Oleg: thanks for the answer, I think the jQuery version caused the problem, because your examples use version 1.4.4 and when I changed it back to my 1.4.2 then it caused the problem. Thanks a lot! – Atticus Jan 7 '11 at 14:19
@Atticus: You welcome, but I suppose, that your problem is somewhere else in the code which you not publish here. How you can verify the same code work without errors also with jQuery 1.4.2. If your original test page is accessible from the internet you can post the URL. If not you can try to use Developer (uncompressed) Version of jqGrid like in my first example and start the code in debugger from the IE Developer Tools (F12). – Oleg Jan 7 '11 at 14:26
@Oleg: the interesting thing is that when I download your source and change the URL to my servlet and mtype to POST, my servlet does not get called in FF, and in IE it gets called, but it freezes like I mentioned in the question. This is interesting, since the only thing I change in your code is the servlet url and the mtype to POST. I am wokring to get to know what is happening here. – Atticus Jan 7 '11 at 14:50

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