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I have an app that implements a PhoneStateListner. The code works on all phones except the AT&T Samsung Galaxy. Is there a special build for that phone? Does anyone know of a way, besides buying a phone, to test this build on an emulator?

This may be indicative of android where the carriers can create their own build and distribute.

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Here is the answer after testing:

The App I built uses a PhoneStateListener to listen for incoming calls and perform an action.

It was running on most devices until I changed the Project Build Target from Android 1.5 to Google API's 2.2. I changed the Build Target to implement Google Maps. No code had changed in the PhoneStateListener.

On the Galaxy phones users were reporting that the application was not running anymore. I reverted just the Project Build Target, with the same code and the application now works on Galaxy.

So this points to a bit of fragmentation. Got it solved so now the application works like a charm.

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i am facing the same kind of issue and my default build target is set Android 4.0 so it should be working fine right? –  Dinash Dec 7 '12 at 10:41

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