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I have tried to get information on this issue and can't seem to find anything out there. I am trying to remotely push Altiris Agents from a server. Currently, I am doing one computer at a time. I would like to use the "Import computers from a selected file" which is a CSV file, but I cannot find the correct format.

Basically, I just need to know the correct CSV file format to import a list of computers that need the agent pushed to them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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For .csv file there are few fields are compulsary.

Machine name: Enter any name MAC Address: 00-0C-29-A1-BB-CC (Note all letters in caps and seprated by -) Service tag: J012345 GUID: which comes with machine( Make sure all letters in caps)

Let me know which version you are using which make easy to give proper answer.


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