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I am developping a module with flash (openlaszlo for the client and red5 for the server) in order to make conference with webcam.

The module run correctly on desktop but I want it to run on Android. The issue is that the flash plugin for Android 2.2 doesn't allow to capture the webcam.

The solution I've found was to make the capture with an AIR app. Indeed, Adobe allow you to install and launch an AIR app from within a web page thanks to a file named "air.swf" hosted by Adobe.

Well, this system run correctly on Desktop, but on Android, the function that launch the AIR app fail or something because all the code that follows isn't executed.

My question is then : is the system of badge running on Android ?

Don't hesitate to ask for more informations.

I precise I've search for many hours on the web, (<<"badge.swf"+android>>, <<"launchApplication"+android>>, etc.) and zero helping result.

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