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I am aware of using jconsole to attach to a java process to get memory information. Specifically I'm after getting information on the various memory pools programatically so I can tie it to a monitoring application.


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Check out java.lang.management.MemoryPoolMXBean and related classes.

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Thanks mattk - I wound up doing basically this :-)

List memBeans = ManagementFactory.getMemoryPoolMXBeans();       	
for (Iterator i = memBeans.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {

    MemoryPoolMXBean mpool = (MemoryPoolMXBean)i.next();
    MemoryUsage usage = mpool.getUsage();

    String name = mpool.getName();  	
    float init = usage.getInit()/1000;
    float used = usage.getUsed()/1000;
    float committed = usage.getCommitted()/1000;
    float max = usage.getMax()/1000;
    float pctUsed = (used / max)*100;
    float pctCommitted = (committed / max)*100;

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