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Does anyone know of any script/package that could automatically migrate tickets in sourceforge bug/feature request trackers to GitHub issues? It's possible to export the sourceforge tickets as XML, so I would imagine that it should be possible to write a script to automatically create the tickets in GitHub, so just wanted to check if something like this exists already?

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Hint for anyone looking to improve on the current answers, the SF page for exporting data (including issue tracking data!) is here: – Sam Hasler Jan 28 '14 at 12:59

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Update: GitHub throttles requests through their old API, which my tool uses. uses the new API, and is probably what you want instead.

I've written a Python script to do this. It's at

Beware: Sunday afternoon software. Use at your own risk, etc. etc. Pull requests welcome!

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The Python software foundation used sourceforge's xml to migrate its bug tracker to roundup, here are the scripts. For github you'd use a REST API or maybe something on top of that, though I didn't find a ready-made conversion script.

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