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I've just started using the .where method, and I'm a little bit confused about how to fully utilize it.

I'd like to do something like:

@books = Book.where(:author_id => 1 || 2)

clearly I know that doesn't work, but I'm trying to demonstrate that I want some extra logic here. some "or" "and" "does not equal" etc.

Any ideas for where I can research this? I was looking in the rails API but I didnt see anything that was that helpful.


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1 || 2 won't work because that expression is evaluated before the function call (it evaluates to 1, so it should be equivalent to Book.where(:author_id => 1). I would do:

@books = Book.where(:author_id => [1, 2])

The generated SQL would be WHERE author_id IN (1, 2).

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Hey Cam, that worked great thanks! Any ideas for how I can use where, or a different method to achieve the "and" or the "does not equal" type logic? –  Elliot Jan 7 '11 at 17:12
Hey Elliot, unfortunately, the hash argument to where doesn't support 'does not equal' type queries (see "Only equality, range and subset checking are possible with Hash conditions."). As far as "and" queries go, just add another key to your hash so: Book.where(:author_id => [1, 2], :bestseller => true) would compile to WHERE author_id IN (1, 2) AND bestseller IS TRUE) –  cam Jan 7 '11 at 17:23
how should it be modified for mongoid –  prasad.surase Oct 4 '13 at 7:05

Look at MetaWhere, - this allows that sort of thing quite neatly :)

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Looking at the source (no decent documentation!), you can pass through SQL, which can be parameterized like the sql for :conditions, etc., so you can do something like:

@books = Book.where("author_id = 1 OR author_id = 2")

Not ideal to drop down to raw SQL, but I can't see a more elegant way to do it using the where method.

Source and absence of documentation here

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I would do @books = Book.where("author_id = ? OR author_id = ?", 1, 2) –  DemitryT Dec 14 '13 at 19:19

It sounds like you might want to look at Arel for more complex things. It is already built into Rails 3 (AR uses it internally).

book = Book.arel_table
# range


    where(book[:title].matches 'hokum n stuff')

Also group by, aggregation and much more. The drawback is that the documentation is sparse. docs


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