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I am using selenium webdriver not straight selenium-rc

I have a modal login prompt that come up when you click the login button. Its just a simple div such as -> that has a few frame containers in it.

I can get selenium to open the modal and selenium can find the modal cause I check to see if it is up so it does no the container is open

enderedWebElement resultsDiv = (RenderedWebElement)driver.findElement(By.className("logincontentcontainer"));

But it cannot find any controls on the modal such as text box or buttons. I have tried looking by name, id, classname.... no luck. firebug see's the controls fine. I have several sleeps to make sure its not a race condition.

I should add the modal that comes up is a container with 2 iframes the controls I need are in 1 iframe what contains a form with the controls on that form. not sure if that matters

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Are you switching to the frame before you try to find any elements in it? If you're not, that could be your problem.


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wow that did it. I had tried to switch to the main modal that launches not the ind iframe. 2 hours of my life I will never get back – ducati1212 Jan 7 '11 at 17:18

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