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I have about 20 data flow tasks arranged into a group in my control flow window. I'm fine with them executing in parallel; in fact I prefer it.

But I need to add an Execute SQL Task and I need it to run completely before any of my data flow tasks begin. It doesn't look like I can connect a precedence constraint from the Execute SQL Task to the group of data flow tasks (I was really hoping it would be that easy.)

Is my only option to create a precedence constraint from my Execute SQL Task to EACH of the data flow tasks? Seems like there should be a simpler solution.

(SQLServer 2005)

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You can take advantage of a Sequence Container. Add a Sequence container to your task flow. Then move (drag and drop will do it) all of your data flow tasks into the container. Now you can create a single precedence constraint from your Execute SQL Task to the Sequence container. Everything in the Sequence Container will not execute until the rules of the Precedence Constraint are met.

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