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Could some one point me to a tutorial on how to work with the Eclipse search plug-in with custom views in an Eclipse RCP program. I have tried searching google for one, but I have found to have the word "search" in your search phrase you might as well not have it there.

I have tried the phrase "Eclipse RCP search" "Eclipse RCP search tutorial" "Eclipse RCP search plug-in" and none of my results are about the search plug-in (maybe a suggested search phrase if one can not suggest a good tutorial)

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You may start here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/FAQ_How_do_I_write_a_Search_dialog%3F It is not strictly related to RCP development, but I think it applies to that also.

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As far as I know there isn't a good article about search in Eclipse.

Also see this and this bugs

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Implementing your custom search is not that hard. The best is to look into other plugins to see how they implemented the search. To get you started I recommed the Task-Search from Mylyn - very easy to adopt.

Just donwload the sources from Mylyn and look at the bundle



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