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I am using a $.getJSON to retrieve an array of data from a PHP script (lookupConnectorized.php) and am getting an error on the Console in Firebug. I have not touched the php script I am calling in months and it was working before but I have changed the javascript prior to the $.getJSON call. Please tell me if you can spot something invalid here. It's probably a terribly stupid mistake. I am using jQuery compressed v 1.4.4 and getting an error on line 141.

Here are the params that are getting sent:

contained_item  3908
new_length      0097
no_length       CS00812B-
with_length     CS00812B-0097

Here's my javascript code:

function saveConnectorized(ml_id, cid, newPart, oldPart, newLength, oldLength, newDesc, newQty) {
var partwLength = (newPart + newLength);
var strURL = "lookupConnectorized.php";
$.getJSON(strURL, {no_length: newPart, with_length: partwLength, contained_item: cid, new_length: newLength}, function(partData)
        // If there is a an existing part with a length, formulate the cost for this part
        var foundStatus = partData[0];
        var newItemCost = partData[1];
        var newItemId = partData[2];
        var newItemVendor = partData[3];
        var newPartNo = (newPart + newLength);
        if (foundStatus == 'found') {
            // update the part number to newItemId and replace it in ml_contents, update the description on the page
            //strURL = "findItemDesc.php";
            //$.get(strURL, {item_id: content[2]});
            strURL = "updateID.php";
            $.get(strURL, {ml_id: ml_id, contained_item: cid, quantity: newQty, newID: newItemId});
            strURL = "updateCostFound.php";
            $.get(strURL, {ml_id: ml_id, old_item: cid, new_item: newItemId, quantity: newQty, new_length: newLength});
        if (foundStatus == 'partial') {
            if ($('#note' + contentID).val() == '') {
                $('#note' + contentID).append('LENGTH SPECIFIED\nNOT AN INVENTORY PART');
            } else {
                $('#note' + contentID).append('\nLENGTH SPECIFIED\nNOT AN INVENTORY PART');
            // create the new part in materials, connectorized and change the part number in ml_contents, update the description and part number on the page
            $.get('createNewPart.php', {newMastecPartno: newPartNo, newDesc: newDesc, newVendor: newItemVendor}, function(returned_id)
                    $.get('updateID.php', {ml_id: ml_id, contained_item: cid, quantity: newQty, newID: returned_id});
                    $.get('updateCost.php', {ml_id: ml_id, old_item: cid, new_item: returned_id, quantity: newQty, new_length: newLength}, function(cost)
                            var partCost = cost;
            $('#desc' + cid).html(newDesc);
        if (foundStatus == 'new') {
            $('#note' + cid).append('\nLength specified\nNot in Inventory');
            var partCost = (newItemCost * 1);
            var ml_name = '<?=$mlName;?>';
            var engID = '<?=$eng_id;?>';
            var strURL = "sendPartRequestEmail.php";
            $.get(strURL, {partNo: newPart, partDesc: newDesc, mlName: ml_name, eng_id: engID}, function(content)
                    $('#desc' + cid).addClass('hot');
                    $('#newpartno' + cid).addClass('hot');
return false;


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"...am getting an error on the Console in Firebug". Well...what's the error? –  Phrogz Jan 7 '11 at 17:23
and which line is line 141? –  Rup Jan 7 '11 at 17:24
and where's the PHP code? –  Cfreak Jan 7 '11 at 17:27
The error is the call to the php script in red letters and jquery.min.js line 141. I tried posting the PHP code but it would not format properly in the post. –  DevlshOne Jan 7 '11 at 17:51
Line 141 : c.handleSuccess(b,w,e,f);else c.handleError(b,w,e,p);d||c.handleComplete(b,w,e,f);m==="timeout"&&w.abort();if(‌​b.async)w=null}};try{var g=w.abort;w.abort=function(){w&&Function.prototype.call.call(g,w);L("abort")}}ca‌​tch(i){}b.async&&b.timeout>0&&setTimeout(function(){w&&!J&&L("timeout")},b.timeou‌​t);try{w.send(l||b.data==null?null:b.data)}catch(n){c.handleError(b,w,null,n);c.h‌​andleComplete(b,w,e,f)}b.async||L();return w}},param:function(a,b){var d=[],e=function(h,l){l=c.isFunction(l)?l():l;d[d.length]= –  DevlshOne Jan 7 '11 at 17:51

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