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I have a stand-alone report that works no problem. I have added it as a subreport and linked up all of the parameters, but when I run the report in BIDS I get the error message in the subject of this post.

I can deploy the report and I am able to see the subreport when I log into the SSRS web interface.

It would make things easier if I could do the report building/debugging through BIDS.

Any insight/suggestions would be appreciated.

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As Per this link. Once I have a feedback link I will update this post.


Thanks for finding this question about shared datasource/dataset. Currently, there is no way to Preview the subreport with shared datasource/dataset in BIDS. I would suggest you submit a feedback at http://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/Feedback and hope microsoft correct it in the next release of SSRS service pack.

thanks, Jerry

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