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I've installed will_paginate with Gem and Bundle; now I see there's an update on GitHub (this commit) -- How can I update it? Manually? Reinstall it with git clone?


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this commit was in Jan 010 though... if you just installed will_paginate in a rails 3 or bundle'd capacity, chances are it's in there already, is it not? – pjammer Jan 7 '11 at 18:40

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You want bundle update

You can add the gem name if you want to update a specific one with bundle update will_paginate

Here's a more detailed tutorial:

You want the subsection called "Updating a Gem Without Modifying the Gemfile".

If you have included the gem in the Gemfile with a git path (and you haven't included any directive that would prevent an update like a version number), it will update the gem based on the source provided. You'll need to do this everywhere. Updates are not synchronized with your application's version control.

Here is a guide specific to git:

If you only want a specific commit, you're going to need to add a :ref argument with the hash.

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bundle update will_paginate
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