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I am developing iPhone and also Android applications in Apple MacBook. I want to develop Blackberry application. I am using Windows to learn for now.

Is there any software or Eclipse plugin to develop BlackBerry applications on Mac OS instead of Windows?

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possible duplicate of installing BlackBerry Eclipse JDE plugin on Mac OS X –  Michael Donohue Jan 7 '11 at 19:11

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You may find something interesting/useful by looking at this question: installing BlackBerry Eclipse JDE plugin on Mac OS X

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I downloaded eclipse for mac. I can able to create Blackberry project in eclipse. But I am not able to run it in simulator. I want to test the app in simulator. Please can you help me ? –  jfalexvijay Jan 9 '11 at 7:17

Unfortunately the current version of the Eclipse plug-in only supports OS6 and you must have a physical device connected to the computer. I've been using Parallels to run Windows XP on my Macbook Pro and am pretty pleased.

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I am a fan of using parallels. It can run in coherence mode and also skin windows to look like your mac. I use parallels and an eclipse windows plugin.

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