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I have a jQuery plugin that I authored and I want it on only one node of my Drupal 6 web site. I have FTP and a Linux shell I can use for uploading files to the site, but the issue is actually attaching them to a node. Putting JavaScript in a node's Body can get pretty ugly, especially when the Body is presented in a WYSIWYG editor (haywire indentation, WYSIWYG attempting to wrap all my <script> tags with <p> tags, etc)

Is there any sort of Drupal plugin or any kind of workaround to make this kind of integration easier?


I've tried Code Per Node, which is great for separating JavaScript from the Body, but I really need the option to link to separate JavaScript files (this plugin requires several support files).

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The best way would be to make your own module that uses the plugin. That is the "Drupal" way to do it. You can also you drupal_add_js to attach scripts to the module. If it is only a specific node you need to attach this plugin to I would either make a if statement in the template looking for that node, kinda an ugly way to do it though.

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I once tried to teach myself Drupal Module authoring. I found it to be a god-awful mess and eventually gave up on it. –  Jake Jan 7 '11 at 20:24
Just because it is hard does not mean its not worth doing. You should learn how to author modules and Drupal will become infinitely more powerful for you –  Collin White Jan 7 '11 at 20:32
I tried. Twice, in fact. Trying to read the API documentation was so frustrating. –  Jake Jan 7 '11 at 20:34
Also, I should mention that I'm going to want to do this for several different nodes, with several plugins I've authored, and I'd probably go nuts if I had to author a new module for each one. –  Jake Jan 7 '11 at 20:35
Ok. I changed my mind. I'm going to try once more. I'm going to attempt to develop a Drupal plugin that adds "JavaScript URL" field[s] to node edit pages, and embeds those JavaScript files when that node loads. Probably I will also include a checkbox option to load a script file in the preview or only when the node is fully loaded. I'm sure I'll be asking many questions on SO as I go. –  Jake Jan 11 '11 at 14:35

The way I did this in a project was to add a CCK text field to the content type called "Additional Resources" that accepts multiple values. Then in the node I added multiple values in this field -- the paths to CSS and JS files I wanted to load on that node. Then, in my theme I added my own function called themename_node_process_fields in template.php. That function was the first thing executed in node-content_type_name.tpl.php. Among other things, it did this:

  // Loop through the additional resources and add them to the <head>.
  if (isset($node->field_additional_resources) && count($node->field_additional_resources) > 0) {
    foreach ($node->field_additional_resources as $resource) {
      if (strpos($resource['safe'], '.css') !== FALSE)
        drupal_add_css($resource['safe'], 'theme', 'all', FALSE);
      else if (strpos($resource['safe'], '.js') !== FALSE)
        drupal_add_js($resource['safe'], 'theme', 'header', FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);

Note that I have not thought through if there are any security considerations for this. I'm the only one that has access to that field, but if a malicious user were able to enter arbitrary text I'm not sure what could be done.

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If you aren't looking for an administrative tool, you can use drupal_add_js function. It will insert the JavaScript file into the page at render time. However, this requires having the PHP input filter activated.

  drupal_add_js('external_file.js', 'external');
...more content...

From the link:

External: Add external JavaScript ('external'): Allows the inclusion of external JavaScript files that are not hosted on the local server. Note that these external JavaScript references do not get aggregated when preprocessing is on.

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I can't turn on PHP Evaluator because I consider it to be a major security hole. –  Jake Jan 7 '11 at 20:29
I only consider it a 'security hole' for untrusted users. I only allow it for site administrators. If you have evidence otherwise, please let me know. –  zourtney Jan 7 '11 at 20:38
I suppose it's PHP's shell_exec() function that really scares me. –  Jake Jan 7 '11 at 20:51

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