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I'm using a function I found online. What does the & mean in this conditional?

if ($strength & 8) { $consonants .= '@#$%'; }

$strength is supposed to be a number 0-8. The function is intending to use all $consonants concatenations where $strength < 8. (might explain why the function is not working).

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A single & is the bitwise operator and the double && is the logical. (i.e. Bits that are set in both $strength and 8 are set in your example.) It's a lot more complicated than just saying that and it requires an understanding of how binary works.

EDIT: Check out this article for more information on Bitwise operators.

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+1 ... i thought it as typo –  ish1301 Jan 7 '11 at 21:58
haha.. damn the extra few seconds it took me to add the link in my answer ;) –  Demian Brecht Jan 7 '11 at 21:59
I get it now. The author of the function got lazy.. –  Kyle Parisi Jan 7 '11 at 22:10

& is a bitwise operator - it's checking to see if the bits that total 8 are set. In this case, 1000

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& is an bitwise operaor. it combies two values bitwise.

What is an bitwise operaton?

every integer is intenally represented as a number of bits.

1 is 0001
2 is 0010
4 is 0100
8 is 1000

And so on. every bits value is twice as big as the one preceding it.

you can get other numbers by combining bits

3 is 0011 (2+1)
5 is 0101 (4+1)

a bitwise operation works on every bit in both variables. & sets every bit in the result to 1 if it is 1 in both values it operates on.

9&5 == 1


9 == 1001
5 == 0101
1 == 0001

| will COMBINE all 1s:

3|5 == 7

3 == 0011
5 == 0101
7 == 0111

How can yo use it?




now $myLogLevel is a combination of LOG_WANING and LOG_ALIENATACK. you can test it with the & operator:

if($myLogLevel&LOG_ALIENATACKS)....//true run or your live!!!

If you want to know more about the topic search for bitflags and binary operations

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