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i.e. I want to use shift+arrows to select, ctrl+c/v to copy/paste. I'm also open to using another shell that makes this easier

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"Everywhere else" must be Windows for you. Ctrl-C has a much different meaning in *nix shells. –  glenn jackman Jan 8 '11 at 0:31

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bash uses the readline library to handle input. By default it uses emacs-style notation for commands. See this cheatsheet to get a list of commands on how to manipulate the command line with emacs-style notation.

If, instead, you would like bash/readline to use vi-style notation, then run set -o vi in your ~/.bash_profile

I'm not sure where "everywhere else" is, but both emacs and vi are pervasive in the *nix world. If those two styles are not to your liking, you'll most liking have to look to another shell.

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