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How can I set the cached file contents in the index of a path to arbitrary content without modifying the file(s) in the working tree? For example, I want to be able to set the cached file contents of some_file.xml to the contents of a temporary file without changing the contents of some_file.xml.

The point of this is that I have written an XSL stylesheet that removes sensitive information from certain XML files. I would like to write a script that can replace the cached file contents of the XML files with the transformed XML; i.e. some_file.xml is transformed with the XSL to .some_file.xml.tmp and the script should update the index for some_file.xml with the contents of .some_file.xml.tmp without affecting the contents of some_file.xml.

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You can use git hash-object -t blob -w .some_file.xml.tmp to insert the contents of the temp file as a blob in the object database. The sha1 of this blob is returned on stdout. You can then use this sha1 with git update-index --index-info or git update-index --cacheinfo.

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This is perfect! Thank you. –  Daniel Trebbien Jan 9 '11 at 0:05

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