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I would like to add a variable ( $var ) inside the following code but I am having error...

$employee = $xml->addChild('XXXXXXX');
$employee->addChild('XXXXX', 'XXXXXX');

Any help would be great. In addition how can i modify the first line so that I can add an attribute to it? For example <book ID="XXXX">

Thank you!

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addChild takes a DOMNode as its argument, not text strings. You need to create the nodes and append them... for example:

//assuming $xml is a DOMDoucment

// <employee>XXX</employee>
$employee = $xml->createElement('employee', 'XXX');

// create an attribute node and a text nod to use for its value
$idNode = $xml->createAttribute('id');
$idValue = $xml->createTextNode('some-id');

// set the value of the attribute node

// add the attribute to the element

// or more easily add an attribute
$employee->setAttribute('another', 'some-value');

// append the element to the document

// final result:
// <root><employee id="some-id" another="some-value">XXX</employee></root>
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Hey thanks for it... How can I replace XXX with a var ? –  JBEnergy Jan 8 '11 at 5:30

This adds an attribute to the XML element:

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