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import csv

"""sample row = 10/6/2010,73.42,74.43,72.9,74.15,2993500"""

filename_in = 'c:/python27/scripts/fiverows.csv'

reader = csv.reader(open(filename_in, "rb"), dialect="excel", delimiter="\t", quoting  =csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)

for row in reader:  
    for item in row:  
        print 'row = ',row  
        print 'item  = ', item  

When you run this script and print the row you get the sample row returned in [] as a list. When you print the item you get the sample row as an unquoted string. Why do I not get each field ie, (10/6/2010), (73.42), etc. returned as an item? How do I return a single item?

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You should change delimiter from '\t' to ','.

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Wonderful! It works. You have no idea how many hours I've spent looking for this answer. – Dick Eshelman Jan 8 '11 at 18:34

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