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I try to use Emacs+ plugin for Eclipse. There is four ways to split windows :

  • C-x 0 - removes current window (does not work)
  • C-x 1 - show only the current windows (it works)
  • C-x 2 - split horizontally (does not work)
  • C-x 3 - split vertically (it works)

I have an azerty keyboard and if I want to write a number, I have to push "Shift + < number >". If I use the qwerty layout, there is no problem because I don't have to push "shift" to write a number.

Any ideas ?

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Did you have a look at the keys mapping in Preferences? (settings) –  ring0 Jan 10 '11 at 14:51

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Everyone's keybindings are different. In emacs you can say that C-x2 is often bound to a particular function, but it is not the case that it always is bound in that way. In your situation it is more complicated because of the different keyboard.

You may find it helpful to use describe-key to tell you about the keystrokes you are using. It will tell you about a particular key combination, as you type it, including what function is bound to it, if any. I personally have describe-key bound to C-h k.

There is the converse, describe-function (bound to C-h f for me), which will tell you about a function whose name you provide, including what keys it is bound to. Using these may help you diagnose.

For me, C-x 2 runs the command split-window-vertically and C-x 3 runs the command split-window-horizontally.

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I have tried the keybindings and was successfull.

In my environment I use

  • Eclipse 3
  • Emacs+ 3.6.0
  • Windows 7

Hope this is any help for you.

But perhaps you should check the key settings in Eclipse. Look for Preferences->General->Keys Search for split window and you will see your settings in Eclipse.

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