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I want to know how can this function(from MATLAB) resize the columns of an input image using weights an indices previously computed.

Which equations uses to do that?

resizeColumnsCore(double(in), weights', indices');
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When I looked for a function called resizeColumnsCore in MATLAB 7.11.0 (R2010b) I didn't find anything. However, I did find a MEX-file by that name in MATLAB 7.8.0 (R2009a) in this subdirectory of the Image Processing Toolbox:

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2009a\toolbox\images\images\private\

I guess they've phased it out or replaced it with another function in newer MATLAB versions. Now, if you want to know what the MEX-file does, you need to look at the source code it is compiled from. Luckily, it appears that this source code resizeColumnsCore.cpp can be found in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2009a\toolbox\images\images\private\src\misc\

And you can look through that code to determine the algorithms used to resize the columns of an image given a set of weights and indices.

Now, if you want to know how these input arguments to resizeColumnsCore are computed, you'll have to look at the code of a function that calls it. I know of at least one function in the IPT that calls this function: IMRESIZE. If you type edit imresize at the command prompt it will open that function in the Editor, allowing you to look through the code so you can see how the arguments to resizeColumnsCore are created.

What I can tell you for R2009a is that there is a subfunction in the file imresize.m called contributions which computes the weights and indices that are ultimately passed as arguments to resizeColumnsCore. That is where you will want to start looking to determine what algorithms are used to compute these arguments.

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thank you very much – aydi Jan 13 '11 at 6:01

Looks like this isn't a proprietary MATLAB function. Could we see some code or a link to the code?

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