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I'm currently working on an upload tool for a client using .Net to upload via the XML-RPC calls. I am currently hitting two brick walls.

One is creating configurable products. Have I missed some documentation, is this possible?

The other problem is adding data into drop down attributes for things like size. Is this possible via the API?


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You can extend the Magento API, here is a blog post as a starting point. As a word of warning, I suspect you will find configurable products to be quite a challenge. If you can manage it, I suspect you will find quite a bit of interest from users wanting to purchase the code... some incentive for you :)

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Well, it's not a big challenge. Just some attributes linked together. – Andrey Tserkus Jan 10 '11 at 14:35

As many people have opined in the past, the default API for adding products will not let you relate configurable products.

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is there a good resource for changing the default API to make it work? – John Polling Jan 9 '11 at 19:16

No, not possible with the default api.

Altough you can write your own apis.

If you want to realise some magento stuff it is usually good to have a look at the admin controllers and replicate them into the APi.

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